Thursday, June 2, 2011

Outfit + makeup

Went to the mall today with Lina. It was really cloudy this morning and looked like it would rain, so I had a cardigan on and even brought an umbrella with me. Once I got there it was sooo warm and sunny, no signs of rain! That's just my luck. xD So here's my outfit for today:

The top actually used to be a dress, but it was too big so I made it into a top and a skirt instead. I'll show you better pics of it next time I'm wearing it! and the skirt, of course :)

Here's today's makeup:
Inspired by Nicorun.

Would look better if I had circle lenses (I really want gray ones!), but I need new ones and I can't afford it atm. Sooo whatever :'D Oh and remind me to wash my jeans before next week!

Also, I don't know why, but there were a loooot of Spanish people at the mall! Fun to listen to :)


나니 said...

You look so so so amazing! LOOOOOOOOVE the eye makeup! : D The lashes really bring out your eyes.
Ugh I wish I could wear low set skinny jeans <_<" But I hate that tight feeling around my hips. Ughh

Liza said...

Så fiiin!