Monday, June 20, 2011

Outfit + makeup post

Today I decided to do my hair and makeup, and go sit on the balcony because the weather was amazing (before it suddenly started raining, weird weather...)! So I'm making an outfit post today:

Sun hat: Mom's old
Top: BikBok
Shorts: Old pair of Levi's jeans
Boots: Roots
And today's hair, I wanted it as long as possible, but with curls.
I have to admit it was damn scary to sit on the balcony rail! If I'd fall I'd probably die o_O

And here's today's makeup. I'm wearing double falsies, lower lashes and circle lenses from ViviGo. My new falsies haven't arrived yet! :(


Dudu said...

Uuh I love your hat =DD And the whole outfit!

Tirin said...

Thank you! ^^

나니 said...

Ihatechuuuuuuuu! : / Your lashes are so damn amazing! -buries self in the ground-

Shahana Style said...

Great big doll eyes. Nice work. That shirt is cute, too.

Phony said...

i love your hair