Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New stuff

So I went shopping today with Tove, and I spent quite a lot of money... This is what I bought; the leopard pyjamas is from H&M:

Jeggings + top from H&M:

Shorts from Gina Tricot:

Not sure if I should keep them though... They were pretty expensive (for me) and I don't really like the back on them, but I love the front, the front looks perfect! So difficult :( I'll have to take a few days to think about it... What do you think? Should I keep them?

I also bought some makeup stuff:

Not sure H&M's lipgloss is good, but I love the color so I'll give it a try :)


BeXie said...

I've used H&M nail polish before and it was good quality! Hopefully the lipgloss will be too :)

Tirin said...

Yeah i hope so! shall find out tomorrow when i try it! X)