Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More from Denmark :)

Good morning! Time for some more talk (and of course pictures) about my trip to Denmark. The weather was much better in Sweden, but it was whatever... Mads got a tattoo, for 3,5 hours or something, and I was sitting there watching. His tattoo artist is crazy... but at least Mads will always remember me looking at his tattoo! ;D

So I told you we went to the zoo, so here are a few pics, starting with the cutest animals at the whole place - baby hippos!:

Baby goats (or whatever they are):

Colorful poisonous frogs:

Evil smile-frog:

Adorable mustache monkey!

I took a lot of pictures of the animals, but that might be a bit boring to post... so I'll just end with a picture of us back at the balcony ♥

Not the best pic (in fact, worst angle ever - thanks, Mads! [although I did try to blur it a bit so it looks better, mwahaha]), but I like the picture because we're cute together, right? right? Aww yes... so I'll share it with you! aaaand now I need to go out in the sunshine, since it was too cloudy in Denmark :P

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나니 said...

Aww you guys are so cute! : D Haha, I love how you named the animals xD "Adorable mustache monkey" and "Evil smile frog" haha!

Sadly you arrived in the days where we had rain and stupid weather, it seems : / blegh. I hope you had a good time, none the less : D