Sunday, June 19, 2011

Makeup and Jelly fashion

Today I met with Lina at my old high school yard and talked about stuff. There were a looot of young soccer players there who apparantly stayed at the school over the weekend. They played loud music, almost like an outdoors party! ;D

I used lower lashes today (they were regular lashes that I cut into lower lashes). I really need new circle lenses though, but yeah, can't afford it now... since I spend all my money on shoes, lol!

You know what I hate? I hate people who follow and then unfollow my blog! What's that all about? Make up your mind! Either you want to follow me or you don't, don't make me happy and then take it all away! :(

I think I'm getting my new falsies on Monday, that I ordered a while ago (don't worry mom, I already paid for them so I'm not spending more money). And soon I'm leaving for Italy! I'll bring my laptop and will hopefully be able to blog there, giving you updates with all the pretty pictures from Tuscany!

I got super inspired when I read the Jelly magazine for July. Such cute outfits, as always! I love these three:

Now I'm gonna read the newest Popteen magazine and see if I get inspired to do my makeup and hair... Hopefully I will! I love getting inspired, haha

Oh and happy bday, Tove! Love you, sis ~♥


☆タマ☆ said...

ughhhh ik what you mean. i was supposed to get lashes from D-tan but i spent my lash money and bought a kigurumi ;~;

Anonymous said...

i am one of those ppl who follow and unfollow...when i see the blog the first time, i think i want to see it again..
but then after that the blog is not updates or i see so many other better ones..that i decide to unfollow.

Tirin said...

I always find cute blogs and then i find even better blogs! i don't unfollow the earlier ones though. I actually never unfollow blogs, unless they stop updating xD