Friday, June 17, 2011

Gold, gold, gold

I went shopping again yesterday, to return my shorts (that were on sale unlike the day before when I bought them!!)... and I just happened to find a pair of shoes at H&M that were not too high, meaning I can bring them with me to Italy :) Plus the color is great, and I've wanted gold shoes for a long time! Oh and I also bought a pair of big earrings.

I also did my nails today, to try my new nail polish. I shouldn't have cut my nails yesterday, it would look so much better on longer nails.

Oh and yesterday before I returned the shorts from Gina Tricot, my mom gave me an old pair of Levi's jeans to make shorts from! I wanted the boyfriend shorts look, so they were perfect! But of course too big so I had to sew them a bit. Turned out pretty well :) I know mirror pics isn't the best way to show what they look like, but as long as you can see them it doesn't matter... ^^ and excuse my messy room.

Tomorrow it's my sister's 21st bday so wel'll see what we'll do! At least I know we'll eat some awesome food and dessert! Yum :3

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