Monday, June 13, 2011

Back from Denmark!

Hej people! I just got back from Denmark today and I'm reaaally tired, so I'm not gonna write much. But I do want to welcome my new followers :) and let you know that I had an awesome time visiting Mads!

Here's a picture from when we went to an amusement park (and obviously we were in some sort of park when this photo was taken, and not the actual amusement park). My hair was a mess after all the roller coasters... oh and the picture from the roller coaster was so funny - Mads was making a face and my hair looked like I was supposed to be in the cast of Trollz. xD Awesomeness.

We also went to the zoo and stuff to look at super cute animals! so I'll show you pictures from that tomorrow!


나니 said...

YAY! Welcome back! : D I'm glad u had fun! I'm excited to see the photos!

Tirin said...

Thank youuu :D:D