Saturday, May 28, 2011

White and silver

Rainy again, so I haven't done much... just a lazy Saturday... but I did decide to do my hair and makeup! My hair does feel a bit healthier after the homemade treatment - the eggs worked great for shiny hair :)

I did some loose curls and I'm in love with this hair style! Too bad it's not good for the hair :/ As for makeup I did a bit of a smokey eye, but with gray instead of black, which makes my eyes look green-ish gray.

And here's today's outfit; my brother said I looked like an angel, aww ♥ :

So for the homemade hair treatments:
For nourishment: Olive oil! Avocado and bananas work great too I've heard, but I haven't tried that yet... For best results, put a plastic bag over your hair and leave it in for as long as you can. Some people might look like they've been swimming in a pool of fat if they don't put shampoo in their hair before washing the olive oil out.
For shine: Eggs and milk, 2 eggs and 1-2 table spoons of milk will do. Leave it in for at least 15min.

If you know of any other hair treatment, please tell me about it ^^


Hmm for some reason my followers are "missing" (at least for me, it's all blank). What's wrong with blogger this time? x_x


Maria May said...

I can't see my followers either. Seems like blogger has alot of problems lately O-o
Im glad the egg homemade hair treatment worked.

Nick said...

I have a friend who rinses her hair with beer, and it seems to work great. The proteins from the malt and hops strengthen the hair, and give it body.

Tirin said...

Yeah, I've heard about using beer, but it stinks and I hate beer so I wouldn't use it! xD hahaha

shizuka said...

I notice the difference! :D Your hair seems healthier now.

Anonymous said...

Kan du inte visa hur du får dina lockar?

GoGoz said...

This outfit looks good on you ^^

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