Friday, May 6, 2011

The western gyaru world

I've been thinking... I love being a part of the western gyaru scene, in communities, meeting people with the same interests, reading blogs and getting inspired, getting to know people in Lovelipop, etc. but, there's just soooo much hate in this "western gyaru world" (from now on known as WGW. I don't get it. On "regular" fashion websites people try to help each other instead of bashing on them, and in regular communities people are nice and want to get to know each other, not spreading hate and mean comments. I know there are some very nice gals out there, for instance on Forever Gyaru. My point is, the WGW is not that big, yet there are so many haters compared to other communities and "themed" websites.

I know I might come off as bitchy sometimes, because I always speak my mind, but I would never say something with the intention of hurting another person. Of course I'm a girl, and girls love gossip, but if I don't like someone's new top or whatever, I don't tell them that! Everyone has their own style and right to look the way they want. I, on the other hand, have no right to try to change people around me if they don't want to change. I'd love to help people if they ask for advise, but there's no way I would insult them just because I don't like their style (and yes, there's a different between talking about celebrities or pointing out things on random people that they could improve, and telling someone he/she is ugly/fat/has no style).

So yes, I'm just wondering, why are all the bitches in the WGW? Can't they go hide behind the screen in some other communities? lol Is it because it's a not so common style here, so it's "OK" to bash on people who, according to them, have the style all wrong? Well what makes you an expert anyway? Let people be people! Stop telling others they look bad just because you were bullied in school or whatever. People who constantly have to bring others down don't have a problem with them, their problem lies within themselves.

But I must point out that while writing this I'm not angry, annoyed or sad. How can I be when I had strawberries today for the first time this year, with vanilla ice cream and whip cream? :3 Yum!


나니 said...

I think that I've mentioned this before... but I feel that the main reason why people are so uptight about gyaru, is because the ones who started a long time ago are extremely protective of what they 'discovered first'. They hate when newbies come flauting what they got - especially if it's really not that great.
The main problem (in my opinion, that is) is that majority of the Western gyarus think that what you see in the magazines is what gyaru is all about. They keep calling it a LIFESTYLE - which I completely disagree with. Gyaru is FASHION - nothing more, nothing less. You don't really see a lot of videos with gyaru models who show you around their deco-den home with perfect, fluffy, pink accessories, a big white, perfect couch etc. I think a lot of Western gyaru girls look in these magazines and create their OWN world of what gyaru is and then they try to shove that down other people's throats. What you see in the magazines is FAKE. It's massively photoshopped photos, tons of makeup, fake nails, fake hair, fake tans etc. Trying to achieve this look with REAL girls.. yeah, that's just impossible. Because 'real people' don't look like the girls in magazines. The whole point of photo shoots and commercials is creating this perfect little world that makes the consumer 'need' to buy their product, "lifestyle", clothes, shoes, accessories etc. And reality is that the world is NOT perfect. Neither are gyaru girls - whether they be from Japan, Finland, Norway or where ever.

Tirin said...

Yeah I really agree with you! And I also don't think gyaru is a lifestyle, you don't do specific things just because you're gyaru (well besides meet-ups and stuff, but you could do that collecting stamps as well) and it's not a way of living, it's a way of looking! xD it IS just a fashion, even though people make their whole lives revolve around it. People can MAKE gyaru their lifestyle, but that doesn't change the fact that gyaru is just a style, a fashion, a way to look.

and people hating newbies is just stupid. Do they want gyaru to die with them? lol I love seeing more and more people falling in love with the style! it's great :D

Amandine.M said...

I agree with both of you, maybe before Gyaru was a lifestyle because of the history of this fashion, it was because japanese girls wanted to emancipate themselves but now it's really different, and really different for western girls, now it's just a fashion! I think it's really bad that some western gyaru have to criticize other western gyaru...pitiful..u_u