Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weight problems & makeup

I didn't want to blog about this, because I didn't want to make it into such a big deal, but... remember how I said I would never allow myself to weigh under 50kg? Well recently I've been losing weight for some reason, and this morning I weighed 49,2kg. I know it's normal to lose weight (and gain weight) every now and then, but I don't think I've weighed this little since middle school - when I was 12 (I was about the same height back then [I'm 169cm now], stopped growing at 13)! I need to get some weight back on or else I'm gonna be really worried!

What can be a reason for losing weight? I do eat like I always do, even ice cream every once in a while. I did stop drinking chocolate milk though, can that be a reason? lol. It's still strange I'm losing weight so fast...

It's not healthy, but tonight I'm going to watch Eurovision song contest and eat lots of ice cream and stuff, so if I've still lost weight tomorrow morning I'm gonna scream! xD

Moreover, Nani dared all us girls to post a photo of ourselves with no makeup on. So why not do it? :D Even though I look 16 years old or so without makeup.. I've posted pics like this before, but anyway, here it is:

I don't really have a problem with the way I look without makeup. My skin is pretty good and my eyebrows are naturally dark, but the thing is... I feel like I look more like me with makeup on. Is that weird?

And as all of you reading this have noticed, I finally changed the design of the blog, yay! I also decided to remove a few lables because I had so many unnecessary ones. The new design is better, right? :D


VI0 said...

I'm jealous because you lost so far so much weight, but for sure it's weird.

You look so awesome with or without make up!♥ pretty Lady.

Have fun by watching Eurovision Songcontest! I'll watch it too. :)
I hope Lena doesn't win this time again haha. :DD

uuh.. (u////u) ignore my bad english.

Take care!

나니 said...

UGHH D": I'm sorry that you're losing weight.. Are you very stressed or 'upset' lately? I have a tendency to lose a LOT of weight when I'm stressed and sick.. so maybe that's the reason? The chocolate milk shouldn't do anything different to your weight, unless you're balancing on the suggested 2100 calories a day and you only use the chocolate milk to stay at 2100 (or however much is suggested). I wouldn't suggest you go crazy and binge on unhealthy foods (like many people think is a good idea), but you seem like a super smart girl, so I doubt you'd do that anyway.. lol

YAY! Lol. I'm so happy that SOMEONE dared to do it! ^__~ You look absolutely wonderful! Your skin looks FLAWLESS btw! And ohhhh your eye color <3 nomnom! (< okay that was kinda creepy -__-") I get told ALL the time that I look like a 13-15 yearold without makeup. xD haha. Let's hope I age like fine wine.. and not like milk O_x' LOL

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful even without make up! :D But it looks kinda odd, I wouldn't recognize you if you walked past me with no make up..

Nick said...

Is it odd that I find you prettier without make up on? And I hope you feel better soon Tilde!

Peace and love from America,

Tirin said...

VI0: Ah I don't think it's good to lose weight like that, I don't like it >_<

thank you! :D:D

haha glad she didn't win, her song was soo boring!!

나니: No, I'm not stressed or sick, that's why I've been worried... it can be some kind of disease or something! :S that's so scary!!

aww thank you<3 hahah yeah a little creepy ;P well i'd rather look younger without makeup than older!! lol

Anon: thank you! haha yeah i dunno, i look a bit different..

Nick: Not really, i've had people telling me that before! and especially my siblings think i look muuuuch better without makeup, lol. and thanks

Miaka said...

I agree! Every time I take off my make up it feels like I put ON a mask, not removing one...
You look pretty without make up though^^