Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer plans

Love this picture! Found it on some blog a long time ago... Love the whole outfit but especially the bag (duuh), plus it's pink ~♥

So anyway, yesterday I got my ticket to Denmark! yay :) I'll be there 7-13/6 and I promise to take lots of pictures (I'm not sure if I'll blog while I'm there, but I'll bring my laptop anyway)! It's actually the first time I'll travel by plane alone! I'm not scared of flying, but lately I've just been thinking that in case of an accident, the chance of survival is very slim... so it's scary!

Last time I flew from Denmark to Stockholm (on my way back from Japan), it was evening and the sun was setting over Stockholm's archipelago - soooo gorgeously beautiful! Well they say Stockholm is the most beautiful capital to fly over, and I totally agree :)

Oh and after Denmark I'm going on a road trip across Europe to Italy! Awesomeness! When I get back I'll babysit a dog :) Also, the week before my birthday Mads and I are visiting London! We're sooo gonna make a list of fun things to do (not what to see, but more like fun challenges, like hugging a stranger, starting a fight... I dunno weird stuff like that)! :D But more about that when the time comes...

I'm sooo looking forward to the summer! Hope all of you have great plans as well! ^^


Jeongie 희정 ☆ said...

That is such a cute picture! ^^

Oh! You are going to Denmark? :DD What are you going to do here? If you get bored, send me a message and let's do a meetup haha! :'D


나니 said...

WOAHHHH! Comin' to ma country YO! You're gonna regret it -___-"

NAHHH, I kid! : D It can be pretty cool here!

You just coming here to visit Mads or are you gonna do some shopping and sightseeing as well?

Tirin said...

Jeongie: Visiting someone :D so i don't think I will be bored, but sure ^^

나니: haha i don't think it can be TOO different from sweden!

and yeah i'm going there to visit Mads :) but we'll see things too! go shopping if i have money, lol xD