Sunday, May 15, 2011

Playing the piano

I was watching Glee the other day and I totally fell for the lyrics of a song they sang (Adele - Turning tables), so I looked it up on youtube and I fell in l ♥v e with the piano! Therefore, I learned how to play that song on the piano today :) I haven't played in years, but it's like riding a bike - you never really forget how to do it! Too bad our piano isn't tuned, haha.

Sometimes I wish I were a musical genius... Anyone who is? lol

So Sweden ended up on a 3rd place in yesterday's Eurovision song contest. Fair enough... but I think it's kinda unfair that all countries that belonged to former Jugoslavia always vote for each other! And there are so many of them! Cheaters :P


나니 said...

HAHAHA, they ALWAYS vote for each other ; D don't be sad about it.. it's their only chance of winning ANYTHING semi-big during their existence. *cruel* MWAHAHA.. oh well~ I only watched a few performances. Most of the songs made me gag. Austria had an AMAZING singer tho! D: she was SO good! But the songs are usually really boring >_<"

I wish I was musically intelligent as well : ( but I'm not. A lot of family members in my family are, tho. -sigh- Forever the black sheep.

Tirin said...

I KNOW xD they should be banned or something! hahah truuuue, ESC is like the only shot they have at winning something, aww... :') Austria... hmm can't remember that song!

really? haha too bad xD i think i'm the most creative person in my family, so i'm lucky :D