Monday, May 30, 2011

Pink shorts and a possibly upcoming hair tutorial

I sorta have a cold today, which sucks because it's summer! It also sucks that it's so windy today because it'd be such a sunny and warm day otherwise. :/ but yeah anyway... Didn't feel like using a lot of accessories today (although I was wearing a scarf as a hair accessory at first, buuut I decided it looked too 80s with this outfit).

Yesterday before I fell asleep I thought about how much I wanted a pair of pink shorts (I want light purple ones too... there are a looot of colorful shorts in the shops this summer), and I realized we had a pair of old pink pants lying around. This morning I decided to cut them into a pair of shorts, mwahahah! I'm very happy with the results :) although I hate that there are no back pockets. Ok, this is weird and feels like a "look at my ass"-picture, but obviously I'm showing off the shorts, hahaha:

Okay so I got a comment about showing you guys how I curl my hair, and I might make a video about that tomorrow! Haven't decided whether I should make it in English or Swedish though, because the comment was in Swedish (and I might just suck at explaining it in English). So if no one wants it in English I'll just make it in Swedish.

Also, I need a baby pink lipstick, but I haven't found any good ones :( I'm using two different ones now to get the right color, but I want the perfect color in one! I do love lipsticks from IsaDora, but if there's something better that isn't too expensive and that I can get here in Sweden I want to try that one! :'D


Chris said...

Cute butt ;)

Pokiitan said...

Girl you're hot! *O*

Where did you buy the shorts? :D

Tirin said...

Pokiitan: Haha tack ;D Det var ett par jättegamla långbyxor som jag klippte till shorts xD

Anonymous said...

Make it in English! Pretty please~ :D
And it's amazing how fit you are!

Alicia said...

If you do it in Swedish, can you add English subtitles? :) I love to cut pants from winter to make them something for summer - good job!