Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No title..?

I'm sooo bad at blogging these days, I never have any interesting to say... Hmm... Well I can tell you that in two weeks I'll visit my old high school to listen to my Japanese teacher's class talking about their trip to Japan! I wanna see pictures, and if they did about the same as we did or not :) They actually got home the day before the tsunami... Luck? >_<

Today's ego pic (I've started to love red lipstick, hmm..):
Oh it's funny, I'm changing my MSN address and e-mail account (because of weirdos and stalkers) and everyone wants it, even though we never talk! That doesn't make any sense! xD For strangers and blog people, I still have my other e-mail address: Tirinblog@hotmail.com, but make sure you write something with "Tirin blog" or "blog" in the title, so it doesn't go straight to junkmail.... or just witing a comment on here works as well! xD

I made a poll asking what you like to see more of on the blog. Please vote, so I know how to improve the blog! And thank you for following ~☆


나니 said...

You look so prettyyyy with your hair up!

Tirin said...

aww thank you<3 :D

Valentin12 said...

Så skriv om mig då! :D <3

Jasmine♥ said...