Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Natural hair: Day 1

Hej hej! Lovely weather again! but it's supposed to rain this evening... Anyway, I tried to find a cute white outfit, it didn't go too well, but whatever. Today I tried a new lipstick; it's sorta neon pink, and it looks really cool! Bet it looks better when I have straight hair, but I won't straighten it for at least seven days! So here's a picture of me, my pink lipstick and my natural, curly hair:

I met David in the afternoon and we went to my old school to use the swings! :D Yay! haha It was awesome! but David disagreed and was scared of all the wasps and bumblebees instead of enjoying the sunny weather. Oh and there's this cute tree on the school yard, with a sign saying "kompis-träd" (buddy tree). ^^

I didn't feel like taking pictures of us since I looked like a tired weirdo, so I took a pic of our shadows instead! Of course posing meanwhile (and no, David's head isn't deformed, he's wearing a cap):


Min said...

Love your curls. I think they look so much more feminine, you should stay away from straighening irons D: it makes me like super jealous for me having totally straight hair, no natural curls at all meh. Dx

Tirin said...

Aww thank you! :D curly hair is harder to style though (in my opinion) so sometimes i feel like having straight hair!

Liya said...

Your hair looks still nice, very beautiful curls, but I think it's styled? Anyway, I like it!

Tirin said...

No i only straightened my bangs a bit, and put that scarf in my hair, but that's all xD thanks!

나니 said...

Is that your real haircolor? O_Ô I've been wondering for a while.. cause it's just so darn perfectly blonde. >_<" I LOVE your natural curls! : D They're super cute! The lipstick looks lovely on you as well~

CassaMarie said...

Do you use lipliner when you put on lipstick?

Tirin said...

나니: No it's not, haha. I'm naturally blonde but my hair color is golden blonde, not platinum blonde xD and thank you!

CassaMarie: Yes I do! most of the time :P

Anonymous said...

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uuuhhhhh. get someee.

Tirin said...

oookay...? xD