Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My natural hair color

I find it funny how some girls who aren't really blonde pretend they are. Like for instance they write "this is my real hair color" and they put a picture of obviously bleached hair (it's very easy to tell when the blonde is orange-ish yellow, sorta like a chicken, lol). I think you should be proud of your natural self - doesn't mean you can't change the way you look, and therefore I'm going to show you my real hair color.

Here it is (minus the colored brown parts that used to be black):

I love how people always think my hair is naturally platinum blonde. That must mean my hair looks good, right? :D Okay as you can tell from the picture above (it's from when I went to junior high), my hair is kinda light blonde anyway. Aww I love how my hair was back then, before I killed it with hairdye and too much heat from straightening/curling.

Do you keep your hair natural?


Sophie said...

I wear wigs^^

Maria May said...

I also think its becaus most foreign people believes that the typical swedish (or scandinavian) girl has blond / platinum blond hair

Tirin said...

Haha I know, it's good though :P and my natural color is pretty light blonde as well, so yeah.. they're not completely wrong!

pinkypyon said...

I love your natural haircolor!
I used to have this color when I was a child but then it darkened so much.
Now it's a dark dark blonde.
I really don't know it's real color because I bleach it haha

Nick said...

I used to dye my hair. But have since stopped caring. My hair is super soft and healthy now. Someday I may start dying it again. But it's nice to give your hair a break once in a while.