Saturday, May 7, 2011

Me and my sun hat (and Lina) :D

Okay Lina asked me to censor the pictures of her, so that's why her face is a blurry mess xD

Today I met Lina at Djäkneberget, which is a hill where there is a big park and a café, etc. We talked and enjoyed the awesome weather! The nicest part of it looks like this:

Of course I forced her to take some pictures with me! I sorta look like a crazy fan since she's wearing sunglasses (like a celeb) and stand there all natural while I'm posing! LOL. And I was dressed in this season's must; a sun hat (my mom's old)!

I wasn't the only one with a camera today! but Lina was making a funny face so I'm sure she would complain if I didn't cut the pic... x)

Love this picture of us ♥ although you could hug me back, Lina! lol (and it looks weird unless you click on it to see it in its original size... but now it looks weird anyway because you can't see her face).

I suppose that's all! Mostly just a small picture spam post! :D


CassaMarie said...

how tall are you? you look 6 foot in these pictures.

Tirin said...

I do? o_O haha i'm 169cm which is 5'6,5".

Nick said...

You look so tall cause you're showing so much leg. Short skirts do wonders for short people with great legs!

nubleus said...

I love your shoes!! ;).