Monday, May 23, 2011

Life's better with music ♫

Hey guys! :) The weather was so weird today, really sunny, but also windy, I'm not sure if it was warm or cold! So hard to dress for that kind of weather :( lol. But anyway, I met David and I forced him to play the guitar for me! ♥ He also taught me a bit how to play, but yeah... I'll probably forget soon! haha But it's sooo nice just sitting in the sun with a guitar. Oh and 4 little kids came up to us, one offered me half a (have to look this word up) acorn! So cute xD Then they wanted David to play them a song, but David was too shy. Too bad I didn't take any photos.

Here's a picture from Björkliden (north of Sweden) just because:

I feel like trying a new makeup style.. We'll see if I'll do that tomorrow! If the weather is not too nice, because if it's hot and sunny I'll be outdoors the whole day! So we'll see... :) Really wanna try some eyeshadows though! Plus this blog needs to be more entertaining, so I'll tryyyy.

Oh and only two weeks now until I'm going to Denmark! Yay ~♥


MeggiEssa said...

Babe! Do you still remember me? :) I deleted my previous blog and now I created a new one. Nice to see you're still around. I miss you and take care ;)

Tirin said...

Yeees I remember you :) We should talk more!