Thursday, May 19, 2011

Japan talk

Yokohama, 2010
Today I went to my old high school to listen to this year's Japanese students who went to Japan in March! It was interesting to see what they did and saw, and what their opinions were. They also visited Komazawa university and met the awesome teacher there! - he was holding a sign saying "ABBA Gilla" (ABBA, like) when we were there! lol

They also went to the Ramen museum in Shin-Yokohama which we went to - the food is soooo good there! Other than that they didn't really do the same things as we did, so it was interesting to hear about :) Fun thing was, both of us noticed the lack of trash cans in Japan - even though it's so clean there!

So after their presentation I went for "fika" (to a café) with my friends from my old Japanese class, and with a guy who's been studying in Japan + our teacher! It was nice and we decided to meet again :)

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나니 said...

Wow, I really envy you for having gone to Japan for studies! It must be so darn exciting! *_*