Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hair tutorial for loose beachy curls

The weather is amazing today! Been sitting outdoors in my super pretty silver bikini almost all day ^^ Since the weather was great I wasn't wearing much makeup... aaand I look pissed because it was sooo bright! Too bad I don't like hanging out at the beach because I'm in love with this bikini! ♥ (I've actually said I would never post any bikini pics on my blog [or anywhere else on the internet], but it's just a bikini, and a pretty one! so whatever, plus it looks awesome with my beachy hair).

Sooo I actually did make the tutorial for loose beachy curls today, believe it or not! It's not very good... at all... LOL but I hope you still understand how to make the curls! :D Hahaha wtf my hand looks huge in the still frame! Funny :P

Also, most people use some catchy pop/electro pop song in the background, but I don't listen to that kind of music, so yeah... :D I sound so slow because I only got 4-5 hours of sleep last night (yes, I'll blame it on that), so just ignore it.


Anonymous said...

You should have more of those swimsuit pics!!

kelly said...

I LOVE THESE VIDEOS they help me so much to watch how you do things! Do you think you can make a make up one or possibly a nail tutorial vid?

Ashley said...

Those videos are the best they help me so much because I am so bad at just reading and following directions because I am never sure exactly how to do it or how to use the makeup brushes or how to use the hair tools correctly! I love love love these vids I follow along in every step!