Friday, May 27, 2011

Hair treatment: 2

I said I would show you outfit pics and stuff yesterday, which I never did... so here they are! I love blue clothes ☆

and here's a reversed closeup :)

Today I decided to try another homemade hair treatment for damaged hair, consisting of 2 eggs, 2 table spoons of milk and 6 table spoons olive oil! Apparantly eggs and milk makes your hair look shiny while olive oil strengthens it. I know I know, it sounds like I used a lot, but I have long hair so it's needed! I still have it in, walking around with a plastic bag over my head - I must look so weird x)

I was in the kitchen preparing the treatment when my dad asked me what I was doing. I told him and he went "again?", and the look on his face when he saw I was using eggs... xD Oh the things girls do...

Okay, I'm gonna go wash my hair now! Hope there will be a difference!


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Mint said...

YOU SO FINEEEEE ; 3 ; i love erryyythang about you!

Tirin said...

Aww thank you :D:D