Monday, May 9, 2011

♥ Hair accessory: scarf ♥

The weather is soooo awesome today! But I burned myself a bit yesterday when I sat outdoors the whole day, hahaha... that's the downside of being blonde... I also got freckles, but they disappeared the same night! - thank God, I look so weird with freckles.

I was out today to take photos (of flowers and stuff), but I didn't get any picture worth uploading... so let's just focus on my look today! lol. I know I say I never use T-shirts (which I never do), but today is an exception, just for you, Mickey Mouse! Oh and I went for the scarf-look but I didn't have a big scarf, so I look like I'm in a gang or something! xD Next time I'll try it with a bigger one.

 Loooong dramatic lashes:

And the whole outfit - waay too warm for those shoes though:

Here are some ideas of how to use a scarf as a hair accessory:

I've decided not to straighten or curl my hair this week starting tomorrow, because my hair needs to "rest" or else it'll probably fall off! So yeah, at least one week without any straightening (I obviously have to straighten my bangs or else I'll look like I belong in the 80s) or curling, maybe more. People always compliment me for my hair when it's in its natural state, even strangers! I should listen to them! haha Hopefully it'll make a difference and make my hair happy! ☆


Shahana Style said...

Very cute! I think Mickey would appreciate the exception. ^_^
And as for hair, I went 2 weeks without heat. If you're creative it shouldn't be too hard. It looks good as is and the scarf definitely gals it up.

Nick said...

I agree with the strangers you would look absolutely beautiful with a very natural look to your hair.

Tirin said...

Shahana Style: You're right, it shouldn't be a problem to keep your hair natural if you're creative! ^^

Nick: Haha well i will HAVE to now! xD