Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eurovision song contest time!

In 15 min it's time for Eurovision song contest, which is, for you non Europeans, a music competition between the European countries! I don't think Sweden will win, because the guy representing us can't sing, he just looks good (but very childish), lol. All the fangirls will only vote for him because... well they're fangirls!

So since I was bored today and the weather wasn't as awesome as it usually is, I did my makeup with circle lenses and took some pictures.

Still not straightening or curling my hair! It's great, I can actually feel the difference just after one week! I totally need to have more weeks like this ^^

I need to buy a gold ring! Obviously not real gold.. xD I just can't seem to find one! I've been looking for one since... Christmas? Where are all the pretty ones?? Aaah I need money.. I'm going to Denmark the 2nd week of June so I need to pay for the ticket. I also need to get my sister a present for her 21st bday which also is in June, and I need money in case I want to buy stuff in Italy!

Okay anyway, I need to do the laundry before Eurovision song contest! Even though we won't win - GO SWEDEN! ☆


Leander said...

Srsly? I didn't think Azerbaidjan deserved to win. Their song was so boring and shitty... and you were right xD they only voted because he was pretty (sweden).
and boznien & herzegovina wasn't understandable at all.
blargh, not a good one.
I knew germany wouldn't win, so that's not much of a loss.
I hoped switzerland would be on a higher place though, that song was so cute!!! and italy sounded sooo good!
ah well... (and greece wasn't good either x.x lol)

Tirin said...

I didn't think so either, the song (and the artists) were really boring, but i think it was an ok song. not good enough to win though. i can't remember switzerland's song! lol
and nooo i hated italy!! but yeah, most countries only vote for their neighbors and stuff.. no fun :/

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog :) I'm not a gyaru and will never try to be one but you're the only gyaru that I actually like. I've been stalking your blog for a year? I forgot lol I know it's weird probably because I like your attitude. You're not afraid of doing what you like. So yeah, I'll be cheering for you from far away. :)

Stay gorgeous!