Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18:e maj

Hej hej! Yesterday I was sick, had a fever and stuff, but I'm feeling much better now! :) I made a top today! Since I've been wanting a red one for a while.. I found an old - like from when I was 9 years old?, and sew it into something pretty! I made it very short (it doesn't have to be this tight though, I just made it this way for the photo) because this summer that's in fashion and I can't miss that chance! xD

So Lina called me today and asked if I wanted to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie with her. She was paying (or well, she had free tickets), so how could I say no? I was very stressed though and couldn't leave a note to my parents, which I sorta regret, lol.

Also, Mads forced me to make a video because it's his bday today! Yay, happy bday! ♥ Here's the video, and for some reason I always look "big" in webcam videos, lol:


Tomorrow I'm going to my old high school to listen to this year's Japanese class and about their trip to Japan. Will be interesting :) Hmm I think that's all I had to share with you... Take care, everyone~


나니 said...

Damn -___-" My conscience is telling me to go jog after seeing that photo. HOW are you so damn FIT!? >_>" *kills self* Dammit! I can just look at a freaking donut and I'll have gained 3 lbs.

YAY for movie trips! : D I really wanna watch the new F&F5 movie!! *_* I looooooved Tokyo Drift!

Tirin said...

hahah honestly i don't know because i rarely work out xDD but come on, i'm sure you have a good body :D:D

oooh yeah i liked Tokyo drift just because it was set in tokyo, LOL.