Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What about... journalism?

Godmorgon! :) Right now I'm watching a Swedish show with Erik & Mackan, two funny... umm "big" guys who have a list of 99 things to do before you die! It's hilarious! I want to do a show like that too! I'm sure I would be a great TV person xD Get a big hate club and everything, hahaha

I won't be going to London yet, btw... My parents strongly believed I would get murdered, so Mads and I decided to meet in Sweden before going to London! hahaha Smart move... xD But I really really really want to travel! Only about 3 months left before my road trip to Toscana, Italy though! I'm soooo looking forward to it! And seeing Austria on our way down to Italy will be amazing :)

My mom suggested I'd read about an education in a shitty town called Sundsvall! A city much smaller than my shitty city.... but I would be studying journalism there, and I'd finally get to have my own apartment! I'm not too sure I'd want to live in a town that small though... It hasn't exactly been my goal to move from Västerås to an even smaller city!! lol Plus it's way up north which means it's colder there!! The program seems great though, and there are only 40 students in the class! Awesome with not too many students... but how the hell am I supposed to get in when the whole program is for only 40 students? xD Oh well... I know my grades are good enough, but you never know...

What do you think would be the best for me; International marketing or Journalism?
I suppose journalism is more me, but I really wanna study abroad too, LOL.


♥Vanilla♥ said...

Hey there.
Okay, I just thought I'd leave a comment here.
International marketing... well, you'll most likely even HAVE to study abroad for that one right?

For journalism, I don't know about that school your mum told you about, but I think it would be possible to at least spend one semester in a foreign country as well if they have the connections at that school. Normally you can study abroad for at least a few months in every subject you pick. At least from what I know about German universities.

I hope it might have helped a bit.
Maybe if you're really really interested in trying journalism, ask that school if they could arrange something like that?

All the best wishes and good luck <33

Tirin said...

thank you very much! :)

yes i think it's possible to study abroad for a while within both programs. i will try to find out more about it ^^

Ayame said...

I have a friend with the last name Sundsvall.... But he's not shitty in any way XD

Valentin12 said...

First off - spelling mistake in the very beginning! xD "two" is supposed to be "too" :p

And for the record Tilde's mom: I am not a murderer :p

And as for the schools, I'm sure you would be able to find a school for journalism other places as well? You should check that out first! Maybe there's one in a bigger town/city? :)

Tirin said...

Ayame: haha that's funny xD where's he from??

Mads: Pfftt no spelling mistake, they're two guys! read the whole sentence x)

and well that university is the best in sweden when studying journalism. you're the most likely to get a job if you went to that uni. plus i might get to study abroad as well! yay! så det så! lol

rusty said...

Oohhh, I just read you're 19... I thought you were older. At first I was a bit confused as to why you even had to listen to your parents, lol.

A said...

Studying journalism might not be the wisest idea if you plan to work as an actual journalist. Sounds paradoxical, I know.
Thing is, even if you learn how to write and illustrate proper articles, you still won't have an area of expertise to write about.
Well, might be different in Sweden though.

Tirin said...

A: i'm don't think i want to work for a regular newspaper, but this program gives jobs, like you're almost guaranteed to get a job once you graduate. it's "famous" for being a good university for people wanting to become some kind of journalist :)

Anonymous said...

So you talked about how to do make up and stay fresh. But how do you keep being skinny and fit? =) Please tell us about your eating habits too :D