Saturday, April 30, 2011

Valborg = fail

Today's ego pic!
Lina and I planned on going out to see all the fires and stuff, but I juuuust finished dinner (like 30min ago) and it's COLD this evening, so we didn't bother going, lol. So yeah, I'll just spend my evening in bed, watching movies and listening to awesome music :)

Right now I'm listening to Swedish music (as in music in Swedish) and I talked to my brother about it... he hates music in Swedish, but I love it! I think it's so much "stronger" than lyrics in English, probably because Swedish is my native language, but yeah.. it's awesome :) Don't you think poems and stuff are always better in your own native language? Hmm I feel like learning a new language, but I don't know which one... haha.


Essi said...

Could you recommend some Swedish music? (:

Tirin said...

well Kent is the most popular swedish rock band.. but i like some songs by Håkan Hellström as well, because the lyrics are so good ^^ and a female singer with good lyrics is Melissa Horn. just to mention a few :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've noticed the same, the lyrics are so much more... deep when sung in Finnish. :D I still don't listen to Finnish music much, because there just aren't many good artists. Some are kinda good, but no one is like... super awesome.

Lol I hate Kent! :--DD It's too boring and monotone to me. It's like the only Swedish band that people know here in Finland. Except Abba.

Tirin said...

yeah i don't listen to kent, i just like a few songs by them x) like.. two ! haha