Friday, April 29, 2011

Valborg, and stuff.. :)

Hey people!! :D I'm sure you missed me (lol) because I haven't been using my computer in days. My Danish friend Mads has been visiting, and you know how when you meet internet people it often gets awkward and weird when you meet? Well it wasn't awkward at all :) We're sooo going to London this year! haha And why didn't I take any photos of us?? Oh well, next time! Btw, we had a "staying up late"-contest and I totally won!

Today I'm meeting my bestie Lina at the mall :D I haven't seen her in... two weeks?? So anyway, tomorrow it's Valborg, which is an old tradition about welcoming spring. We have biiiig bonfires, and the original purpose of those were to scare away witches, who were going to a party that night with Satan! lol These days people just use Valborg as an excuse to get drunk.

Now I need to go get ready! I'll blog later :)


Valentin12 said...

Hej liten :D Ofcourse it wasn't akward, I'm awesome xD And about that contest! I LET you win so that you wouldn't sleep all day thursday, because then I wouldn't get to spend that time with you! ;D Saknar dig ;p

Tirin said...

Pffftttt i would've won anyway! because i'm that awesome!! ;P JAG VANN JAG VANN JAG VANN!!!

Valentin12 said...

Haha riiiiiight! That's why you were tired at the park? And why you fell asleep before me last night? ;D