Friday, April 1, 2011

Top 5 most attractive guys

Sorry I didn't write this post yesterday (not that anyone cried over it or whatever), but here it finally is; The top 5 most attractive guys! It's my opinion though, so I'm not sure if a lot of other girls agree. They should though. Ok, from 5 again:

5. Smart guy
You all know he would make the list! Did you know he'd come last though? Smart guys are attractive. We look up to them and admire them for their brains. They are the ones who'll get a good job and do great things in life - a perfect son-in-law for your parents! So why is he number 5 then? Well, all girls who are not "weak" (doesn't take any place, lets someone else control them, etc.) wants their fair share of attention, and to feel equal to their partner. Having a genius as a boyfriend will make her feel stupid and trapped in the shadow of her overly intelligent boyfriend. Can you imagine not ever winning an argument again? Horrible.
4. The funny one
This guy is hilarious, he jokes about everything and has no trouble making you laugh. Always having someone keeping a smile on their faces is something every girl needs. He's a person you'll never be bored when around, so you'll want to keep him in your life forever. Gusy like this are most likely to just stay friends though, good ones, maybe even great ones, but still just friends.
3. Mr. Confident
This guy might be related to Mr. Arrogant, but they're nothing like each other. The confident guy does not brag about how hot he is (or similar things), he's just very confident in himself, knows who he is and is proud of it. He takes a lot of space where ever he is and has no problem making his voice heard. He does not talk over people though, because he has mad social skills. He takes responsibility and has no problem helping people - because he knows he can. He's very likely to be a first child in his family.
2. The mysterious guy
We all like this kind of guy; he's cool, mysterious, interesting... He's the kind of guy that's not extremely outgoing or loud, he's more... in the background, but he still manages to get noticed. He's not shy, just calm. He doesn't like to talk about private things, it's more of a thing you almost have to force out of him. You, on the other hand, feel comfortable talking about anything with him because you know you can trust him. He does speak his mind though, and when he does it's likely whatever he says is very smart.
1. The best friend
Too obvious? Or maybe not obvious at all. What every girl really wants is a guy making her feel safe. Someone who will always be there no matter what; who will hold her when she's scared, listen to her when she needs to talk, comfort her when she's sad, and always keep a smile on her face - even when he's not being funny. He's protective of her (not too much, of course) and lets her have things her way, just because he knows it makes her happy. You could say he's a bit of a bix between The mysterious guy and Mr. Confident. If you have a best friend like this (whose appearance you find attractive), you're bound to fall in love! and I envy you >:/

What do you think? You agree? Disagree? Who's your number 1 kind of guy?


나니 said...

My list would be completely different.. I like to see these lists though. It makes one realize that we're all super different in personality and preferences. : D

Tirin said...

haha yeah xD i think most girls like bad boys, but i don't.. i mean they might be attractive, but i want my guy to treat me well! lol

Sophie said...

My number one is a Nerd, so yeah I guess were all different.

Axel said...

Just one objection: as a certified genius, I insist on spelling it "genius", not "genious" ;-) (and yes, I'm aware that this comment probably places me in your "Mr. Arrogant" category, although I was going for "Mr. Funny").
Have a nice weekend ~ (I'm sure you know that the German word for '~' is Tilde...?)

Tirin said...

Well you can't expect perfection about the spelling on this blog, i'm too filled with awesome thoughts and always multi-tasking, so there's no way that would be possible xD

and tilde is international for ~. it's also an old germanic name meaning "battle".