Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swedish people (and nails)

My new Sweden-nails ~♥
So today I went to this meeting about getting a "job coach" and suff, and it got me thinking about what people say about Swedes being cold. I'm starting to really agree. A girl from my class in high school was there, but she didn't even say hi to me. I didnt say hi to her because I didn't see her until later, lol. When the woman holding the meeting greeted us with a big "HEJ!" I was the only one to reply loud and clear with a happy hej back!
     We were about 10 people at that meeting. I was sitting in the front and the rest were like all over the place, but with at least 3 seats between them and another person. I don't know what it is with Swedes that make them unable to sit next to a stranger. It's weird...

Omg I was just on the phone with my sister, and when she walked past this old railway it sounded exactly like dark evil voices on the phone! Like they whispered stuff! SO CREEPY!! And it wasn't the wind because I could hear the wind all the time anyway. Seems like there are ghosts in Uppsala... xD

Now I'm going to read the latest Popteen! ☆


Jeongie 희정 ☆ said...

So cute nails! :DD)
I love the blue color, it is SO pretty!

Haha. Sounds like the Swedes are pretty similar to the Danes.. People also have major problems with getting to close with others here. Like in the bus, they'd rather let old people stand up than scoop over the free seat next to them, so that the elder can sit down. O_o
And/or any other persons aswell.

나니 said...

^ agreed. Jeongie so smart <3 Haha!

But yeah, I honestly think that the Danes are the 'happiest people in the world' (as we've been celebrated two/three years in a row or something) because we PWN at distancing us from each other. We're not very close and we're not very considerate of each other. We can barely contain ourselves - so why even bother with OTHER people, right?

BTW.. the nails are adorable <3