Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweden quiz

Me and Alex... from last year :)
So since I'm bored right now, and a lot of people interested in Sweden read my blog, I'm going to make a quiz for you about my country, just to see how much you really know :) The answers are in white next to the question, so you have to mark it with the cursor to find out.

What is the capital of Sweden? Stockholm, of course!
When's our national day? June 6th
Everyone knows of the Nobel prize, but who was it named after and what did this person invent? Alfred Nobel, dynamite
Pippi Longstocking, or Pippi Långstrump as she's really called was written by whom? Astrid Lindgren
Where is the famous ice hotel located? Jukkasjärvi
What are the most common names (one boy name, one girl name) in Sweden? Oscar & Maja
What's the royal family's last name? Bernadotte
What exactly is "surströmming"? Fermented herring (basically rotten fish)
Who is the Swedish actor starring in movies like Mamma Mia and Pirates of the Caribbean? Stellan Skarsgård
Sweden's most sold car is called what? Ahlgrens bilar (Ahlgren's cars... it's candy! lol)
What the heck is "fika"? 1. A noun; coffee or snacks/pastry you eat at a café, etc. 2. The verb for eating that.
Dalahäst, or Dala horse is a wooden horse statuette, but what is its main color? Red
I bet you didn't know that celsius degrees was invented by a Swede named Anders Celsius, but do you know what century it was invented? In the 1700s
Name the (first names of the) members of Abba! Agneta, Björn, Benny, Anni-Frid
What's the movie/book about a little boy and his vampire friend called? Låt den rätte komma in/Let the right one in
Sweden is not just the mainland, but also two islands. What are they called? Öland & Gotland
What are the people living in northern Sweden with roedears? Samer
What's Sweden's most successful rock band ever? Europe
H&M was founded in which city? Västerås - my city! :D
Who's the Swedish singer with the famous song "With every heartbeat"? Robyn
How tall is True blood actor Alexander Skarsgård? 193cm (6'4")


나니 said...

I actually knew the answer to quite a lot of these questions! I surprise myself sometimes.. Hahaha!
Wonder how much you'd know about Denmark ; D

Tirin said...

haha you did? good job!!! xD
oh i'm not sure how much i know about denmark, hahaha would be fun to find out :P

saana said...

I knew also some things, yay! The place that was the answer of the ice hotel question, was Finnish. o.o That was quite funny/weird.

Tirin said...

haha yay xD ah yeah there are cities in northern Sweden with Finnish names! there are lots of Finns living here :P