Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer ~♥

So today was awesome weather! I went to the mall with David and got a new cute pink top! I've been in love with that top for a week now and I could finally buy it since I got some money for easter... haha.. So anyway, we went out again for a walk in the evening, so I was wearing my new top! Here are some pics;
 This one looks like a paparazzi photo xD
 And here's a picture of David and I!
Tomorrow my Danish friend Mads will come visit me! xD We will probably take pictures too, or make a video! So anyway, that's all for today! ^^


나니 said...


Jin Jin said...

You look like you're *glowing*!! Such a pretty girl! And the weather looks so nice over there!

Tirin said...

나니: Yay! :D I need to work on my Danish though, i can't understand spoken Danish very well... xD

Jin Jin: Aww thank you! :) yes the weather is amazing ^^

Nanah said...

You are so pretty, I love your gyaru style and your gyaru-sa <3
I'm following you ^^

sloarez said...

Hej! Tittade in på din blogg och ville bara säga att den var super fin och rolig att läsa! Kram Maria :)