Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring time ~☆

Today's outfit, finally warm enough for my spring jacket:
Guess what guess what! I have a camera now! Yay! :D It was kinda hard living without a camera, but I survived, lol. So anyway, David wants to dye his hair and I'm choosing the color! I already decided on a light brown color, more ash brown than red brown. Only problem is he's too lazy to go buy it. x_x

Swedes are funny, they don't know how to dress for the weather when it's spring/fall. They either walk around wearing a T-shirt or in a winter jacket. I'm not sure which is the best of those two, I wouldn't want to wear either one!

Random fact: Only 2% of the world's population are naturally blonde (born blonde). A French study shows that men sometimes lose their ability to think for a while when they see a blonde - but blondes don't, so who's the stupid one now? ;D Blondes get a lot of attention and have better self-esteem than girls with other hair colors, according to psychologists. Hahaha found this on Schwarzkopft's blonde website.
Anyway, I'm starving, I need some dinner!


나니 said...

I honestly think that men lose the ability to think as soon as their hormones kick in.. so from about age 12 and onwards.. it's just gone ; D hahaha

Tirin said...

LOL that is very true xD

A said...

*cough* discrimination *cough*

Tirin said...

haha sorryyyy :P