Friday, April 15, 2011

Peace and Love?

I went for a walk in the forest with David. Here's a picture of today's outfit:
New clothes that I got from a friend! haha :) I loooove them ♥ Anyway after our walk in the forest we went to the mall for a while and talked about random stuff. Plus Lina totally ignored my text message about tonight. I feel so loved! LOL. I'll probably just stay at home and watch movies with my sister.

Sorry to say I don't have anything interesting to share with you at the moment! but Lina and I are planning on going to a festival this summer (if I can afford it, hahaha)! Perhaps the Peace and Love festival since there are bands playing there that both of us like! We feel like we need to do something special like that since this is our last time as teenagers! xD


CassaMarie said...

Do you go walking in the woods with shoes with some kind of heel on them or are your shoes doing sometime kind of optical illlusion on me?

나니 said...

I don't understand how your blonde color is so perfect.. (I love your outfit btw, but your hair always catches my attention!) Do u use specific dye? Some sort of epic shampoo? D: Enlighten me please!<3

Tirin said...

CassaMarie: Well those are wedges xD we were walking on roads and only actually went in to the forest for pictures :P

나니: Aww thank you! :D I use Schwarzkopf Blonde to do high lights, but no special silver shampoo or whatever.

Martina. said...

Gillar din blogg och alla dina bilder på din sminkning.. Awesome! :D Ha en toppen dag! / Queenbee ifrån Forumet för gyaru xD

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks extra awesome in that picture! You should have posted more pics of it!