Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nyfödda bäbislamm ~♥

Today I went to the mall with Lina (I found sooo many cute clothes because it's summer soon) and I fell in love with a pink top! Afterwards we decided to go look at baby animals. The lambs there were soooo adorable, some of them were born yesterday night! They were tiny ^^
Look at this one, the smallest of them all - sooo adorable! I felt like kidnapping it! ♥

I'm going to start sewing a top today (hopefully, since I don't have money to buy clothes at the moment, hahaha). Wish me good luck!! And I'll blog again later :)


나니 said...

I love sheep.. even though those are goats. LOL. BUT I LOVE SHEEP SO MUCH! They're so fluffy and cute!
- I even collect various sheep collectibles and have them all over my room. And before you ask - yes, I'm a weirdo! Hahah! But I like it <3

Tirin said...

Hahaha it's a liiiittle weird, but it's also understandable since they're fluffy and adorable <3 but these aren't goats, they're little baby lambs :3 The goats were at another place and it's funny how the fully grown ones almost sounded like the little lambs. xD