Friday, April 22, 2011

Last night...

So yesterday night I went to this night club called Silk, with my sister... I'm not really into clubbing because I don't really like to dance (like seriously, people these days don't even dance, haha [okay I sound old]) and the people there are pretty annoying when you're not drunk... and I can drink a lot without getting drunk, for some reason. It was pretty fun though x) and I just have to tell you about this one exchange student from Russia... He looked very Asian, said he was from Moscow, and he must've had zero respect for Swedish girls (or just girls in general)! He wanted us to "go back to his place" because he had this "special drink", and we would have a lot of fun. RIIIGHT! Don't think that kind of approach would work on anyone. I hope he didn't go to Sweden because he thought he'd get a lot of women that way, lol. Disgusting guy.

Anyway, I got two bags:
Each one containing this:
Also, on our way home we met a group of Spanish exchange students saying "glad påsk" (happy easter), and tried to get everyone to say "Feliz semana santa" (also meaning "happy easter".. sorta). They were really impressed with me and my Spanish! :D haha

So happy easter everybody, glad påsk and feliz semana santa! ♥


나니 said...

I hate guys like that -__-" Most of them think they're God's gift to women, while in reality they can never pout their money where their mouth is. Bsh.. -kicks boys-
You look gorgeous in the photo btw! : D And yay for samples!

Tirin said...

haha i knoooow! and he was really ugly too.. xDD confidence is always good, but not being creepy about it, lol.

and thank you! :) haha yay!