Monday, April 18, 2011

Just some random thoughts...

Pic from before I cut my bangs...
Aaah I've been so bad at blogging lately.. buuut the weather is amazing! I even got a bit of a tan today :) When I read the newspaper this morning I got angry though. There were like 30 people, all of them (except one) immigrants who kidnapped girls from other countries and made them prostitutes, and they got at the most 8 years in prison! Most of them only got 3 years! What's up with that?? They should all be deported! Foreverrrrrrrrrrrr!

Also there was a woman who went to Greece and got raped, but when she reported it to the police, they charged her for defamation of that man (even though she had been to the doctor who saw the bruises all over her body)! And when they contacted the Greek embassy in Stockholm telling them how badly they had been treating the poor woman, the man working there said "you should be ashamed of how the Swedish women behave abroad and with men in their own country". WHAT THE FUCK?? What an ass!! I would've sooo kicked his ass!

Okay, back to the normal happy me... ^^' It juuuuust got dark outdoors, and it's 21.00 :) I hope the weather will be as awesome tomorrow as it was today ~♥


나니 said...

You'd be surprised how shitty most legal systems are : ( it's depressing..

Weather has been really nice in Denmark today as well : D Sadly I got sick : ( so I've been inside all day, feeling like poo..

Sane said...

It's stories like these that made me give up aiming for a diplomatic career.
I would have bitch-slapped the Greek embassador and probably kicked his balls as well.
Sooo non-diplomatic, but then again, how the hell can a diplomat insult Swedish women in general like that?

Honestly, what's wrong with these people?