Monday, April 11, 2011

I ♥ spring

The weather is amazing, so I went out to sit on the balcony in my denim jumpsuit! and of course I did some camwhoring, hehehe. :P I got new makeup today, the best mineral foundation + concealer I have ever tried - Lily Lolo! I'll show you some other time what wonders it does ♥

I'm going out soon again, I just took a short break to eat some lunch and blog. The only thing I love about long winters is that you really learn to appreciate the sun and summer (not that it's summer already, but almost)! There are flowers everywhere, bumblebees and butterflies, and you wake up in the mornings from birds singing! I love it! haha


나니 said...

UGH I'm so jealous! I really wanna go outside, but my eyes water in the heat : ( ruins makeup and vision completely. I need to get one of those prickle-tests at the doctor's for allergies. It sucks : (

☆タマ☆ said...

aaaaaw!! i love ur jumper sexy girl!! =D