Thursday, April 7, 2011

As requested: My eating habits, and such...

Someone (anonomous) wanted me to share with you how I stay skinny and fit... Oh yes, you can influence the topics on this blog! Well first of all I don't like the word "skinny", so I'd say I'm thin instead... but well, I actually have no idea! LOL. I mean, I don't do sports, I just go for walks a couple of times a week. I do eat things like ice cream every now and then, but when it comes to food, I rarely eat unhealthy. I never eat fastfood (I eat pizza [not home-made] maybe once every 3 months), and never eat at McDonald's and such xD Too much fat and sugar...     

I love salads, if I could choose I'd mostly live on tuna salad (without dressing). When I think about it, I never eat anything with dressing, ketchup or mustard, etc. I don't like bearnaise sauce and all those other popular sauces either. It's good, since I don't think they're very healthy.
     However I do believe in the "milk makes you skinny"-theory, that milk sorta rinses the body from the dangerous fat you get from sugar, etc. :) I read somewhere that it's the protein in milk that does the trick. They say that if you drink milk everyday you lose about 3kg a year, meaning if I stopped drinking milk I'd gain those 3kg? Okay, the theory might sound weird, but I've been dinking 2-3 glasses of milk everyday my whole life (with the exception of when I'm travelling). Now I don't mean you should drink fat free milk, some kinds of fat are actually healthy. The milk I drink has 1,5% fat and it's the "middle milk" here in Sweden (we have one with 0,5% and one with 3%). Fat free is not a good option to drink because milk fat naturally contains a lot of vitamin A and D.

Sooooo let's see how "skinny" I am...
I have a naturally small waist, but that's about it! I do have curvs so I wouldn't say I'm skinny xD I have pretty long legs though (or maybe just a short upper body, lol), so that might make me look thinner? and I think most of it is because of "good" genes, since I'm lazy, hahaha... Maybe I just have high metabolism or something. I think I have a pretty normal body type though, meaning I'm not skinny nor fat (in Sweden at least).

If you're wondering about my eating habits, I eat four meals everyday + sometimes dessert.

Breakfast: Around 9 am or so. I eat toast, mostly, with ham or cheese or whatever we have at home. I actually drink chocolate milk to that, unless we have vitamin drinks at home.. xD
Lunch: Around 12.00-13.00. Sometimes left-overs from yesterday's dinner, sometimes pasta, sometimes tuna salad... and I drink mineral water to that.
"Mellanmål": (Or "mellis" as I call it), around 15.00-16.00. Bread again, with tea or milk.
Dinner: Around 18.00-19.30. Anything my dad cooks; meat, chicken, fish, etc. and I drink milk to dinner.
Dessert: Well I eat ice cream about 2 times a week, but when we have fruit at home I eat that after dinner. I love green apples ^^

Some people ask if I'm on some sort of diet, I have never cared about calories or not eating carbs. I eat everything I like, but I don't eat too much of it. If you want to eat candy sometimes, choose one day of the week when you're allowed to eat it, or else you'll just go buy it whenever you feel like it. You have to be somewhat of a diciplined eater, not eating too much nor too little. "Lagom" is the shit! Lagom = just enough.

My best tip for people wanting to lose some weight or just want to stay healthy is that you should always stop eating when you're starting to feel full. That means your stomach is not supposed to hurt after you have eaten! Never eat that much. It's better to leave food on your plate than force yourself to finish it.

What's your best tip?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your eating habits! :) And I meant skinny in a good way... But if I'd fix my sentence, I'd say slim instead ;)

Anonymous said...

well i sounds like you cind of are naturally heathy :P and i love that you eat mellanmål!!!! haha it feels like its fading here in sweden dont you think? xD

Nick said...

You should consider yourself lucky, not everyone has the same amazing genetic make up you have, but I'm the same way, I eat what I want, when I want, but go for a walk after meals to clear my head, and stomach, and I've never had a weight problem. I'm also Vegetarian, but I think if you eat the right kinds of meats, in the right proportions, they can be good for you.