Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another stupid Swedish "law".

Damn unknown foreign number calling me at 8:30 waking me up!! >:( It wasn't dark enough in my room to go back to sleep, plus the birds were singing and I was hungry... Who called me???!

So anyway, there's this discussion here whether they should give away free needles and injections to junkies at the hospital to prevent HIV from spreading.... Are they serious?? That's like saying "here you go, we support your drug addiction"! I don't mean to be rude or sound evil, but it's up to them if they wanna get HIV or not. I know it's almost impossible to fight drug addiction, but it's their choice, I mean they decided to try drugs from the beginning so it's all on them. Why should tax payers need to spend money on their injections?! Makes no sense!! Who cares if they get HIV when it's all on them! No one's forcing them to share needles with each other. Why would they care about junkies - they don't do anything for society but bad things! Giving injections to drug addicts is like giving child pornography to pedophiles! Are they gonna do that too?? "Well at least they aren't out there molesting children", riiiight... Sometimes I don't understand Swedish politicians at all.


rusty said...

Jag tror det har något att göra med att det blir ännu dyrare för staten att betala deras medicin/treatment när de väl blir sjuka... Man kan tycka vad man vill om att de får "skylla sig själva", men Sverige är utformat som så att vi tar hand om de som behöver hjälp och inte kan betala för sin egen friskvård, t.ex. Så hela idén med att ge ut gratis nålar till folk som är beroende är nog faktiskt billigare än att behandla alla de som får HIV av att ha använt en smutsig spruta. Men jag förstår hur du tänker.

Tirin said...

jo jag vet, men tycker ändå det är sjukt. plus att de kanske dör av en överdos innan de märker att de har HIV och hamnar på sjukhus, så då kostar inte behandling pengar x_x

나니 said...

^ I like your friend's point up there, but giving HIV-infected people clean needles doesn't cure them. The people who had HIV to begin with will STILL have HIV - so they're still gonna cost the government an insane amount of money.. Giving them free needles won't necessarily stop the HIV from spreading, cause the NEEDLES aren't always how they spread the disease.. You won't believe the things a drug addict will do for a fix. I think minority of the HIV-infected druggies got it from needles.. I'm just sayin'.

The problem basically is that most governments try to 'play nice' by treating SYMPTOMS instead of illnesses.

I agree with you to some extend, Tirin. I'd say there's a big difference between people who 'try it' because they wanna look cool in the crowd, and people who do drugs because they know nothing else.. A lot of children are being neglected in this world - I say we take care of them instead of handing out their needles to people, who are most likely FAR outta psychological reach already.

Tirin said...

yeah i agree, they should spend money on children and people who are really in need! it's no use trying to "save" some junkies from HIV just to save some money, they will probably die sooner or later anyway (that might sound mean, but it's the truth).

Niklas said...

"They will probably die sooner or later anyway" is a horrible way to think, very egoistical.. To some people they might matter, they might be someones brother or sister, someones father or mother, and definetly, they are someones child. I'm not saying that it's right to give them free needles, but if we shouldn't help them we shouldn't help anyone else either who has got themselves in a bad situation.. And it's not just HIV they're trying to prevent, there are other blood deceases too.. Every year there are people getting sick from drugusers needles by accident. If we can minimize that, I think we have won, no matter what it costs.
I'd rather spend money on helping the people in sweden (not just drugusers, they harm others too with the needles) than giving money to the starving in poor countries. As you said, they put themselves in the situation, they are too many people in a land with too little natural resources.. Maybe not procreate if you already can't feed your family.
I'm not saying what's right or wrong, but I'd like to see some change.. One thing that's really sucky, is our student-loans .. Can barely live each mont while trying to get an education, and you have to pay it back when you're done.. And there's people sitting at home doing nothing getting mor money than you, who might even have an extra job.. that's sick. Long comment.. Hope you take your time to read it.
If you respond, i will try to respond .. :)

A said...

I hardly believe anyone wants to save some addicts here, but merely try to prevent further spread of HIV. Drug addicts die not as fast as one would believe, and you should not neglect the possibility of them infecting non-addicts.

A pack of 100 syringes costs about 15€, 0,15€ a piece. If drug addicts indulged in their expensive hobbies around 60 times a month, this would cost 108€ (~960 kr) per person average a year.
Now, HIV treatment approximates at 20,000€ (~177,525 kr) per infected annually.
Thus if only one of 185 potential candidates is prevented from spreading the disease that way, the program paid off. All assuming, of course, that there are actually enough HIV infected among the addicts to begin with.

I may be wrong there though~

Nick said...

You have to remember Tilde, They aren't just thinking about the addicts though, they are trying to stop the spread of AIDS to anyone. They are looking out for normal, non-users, such as yourself. You never know, the person you next have sex with could have slept with someone, who shared a needle at one point. Needle exchanges, aren't encouraging drug use, they're giving people who do decide to use drugs, a safe way to do it. Because if they get AIDS, it's going to cost taxpayers a lot more to take care of them, then it is to buy them new needles.

Tirin said...

Niklas: I don't think it's egoistic at all. they put themselves in that situation, and there are almost no people i have less respect for than drug addicts. They have no self-respect or respect for their family, etc. plus drugs are illegal and giving them free needles is damn hypocritical. that's my opinion.

A: I know they're trying to save money, but as i said above, it's very hypocritical and they should spend the money on something better. i would much rather pay money for cancer research than giving needles to users.

Nick: Well when you have HIV you have to tell the person you're sleeping with, or else he/she can press charges. aaand i wouldn't be with a person who's bad enough to lie about it anyway. I'm still against this whole idea.

kaori said...

"Well when you have HIV you have to tell the person you're sleeping with, or else he/she can press charges. aaand i wouldn't be with a person who's bad enough to lie about it" - a person you would have sex with, could have no idea that has HIV.

Tirin said...

Well then don't sleep with strangers.