Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Swedes think of YOU: part 3

My sister and I, new years 2010/2011

Okay soooo time for the 3rd part of the stereotypes. As always, don't you dare call me racist because of these posts, they're for fun and they're about stereotypes (not my opinions)!

Short and over-populated people who sorta look alike. They don't know English well at all, but they're really hard working. The kids are forced to learn all kinds of stuff when they're just 3 years old. They kill baby girls in small villages because the parents value boys much higher. Oh and their language is just weird, but with cool characters. They're very high tech, but they're small.. I won't go into details though. :)
     I've never been to China, but I really want to visit. There are some awesome cities there, and the Chinese people I've talked to are nice.

Hockey-crazy people who live in a huge country where it's damn cold (oh my, even Swedes think so!) and people speak french. Well at least some. Canada is such a safe country they don't even lock their doors at night. Other than that it's just a normal country, pretty boring actually.
     Canadians are really nice and they have like.. the "cleanest" English accent. Friendly people in a beautiful country, sorta like Swedes ;D

Oh those green lepricons dancing folk dance in the magical forests. Of course everyone in Ireland is a redhead as well. The taxi drivers are really social and talk all the time, and the service is really good. Their houses are shit though, just like their economy.
     I love Irish (the Irish accent)! Irish people are nice too, especially since they speak Irish! Never been there (damn I really need to visit that part of Europe), but it seems so prettyyyy!

They walk around in wooden shoes with the windmills all over the country. Oh and of course there are lots of tulips there, and since drugs are legal in Amsterdam, they're all high, especially in the Red light district where all the prostitutes and disgusting men are. Dutch people have a weird language, but at least they say "ja", like we do here in Sweden.
     I love Dutch, they're funny and easy-going! Alle who came here to visit last summer is Dutch, so yes, I have met Dutch people! There were some at my CISV-camp when I was little as well.. I became really good friends with one of the girls. Never been to Holland though... One day I will :)

That's all for now! Only about four nationalities this time.. not sure whom to write about! Anyway, take no offense, people! :)


Anonymous said...

hur får du så kycket volym i ditt hår?? :O kan inte du göra ett inlägg om det? Det är så fint :3

☆shawna☆ said...

Not locking doors in canada is sooo true in a lot of small towns/small cities. But in a big city you must~

My family never locked our doors until I was about 14 or so, and a drunk native man broke into our house and started to cook potatoes in the oven haha!

Tirin said...

hahaha seriously?? xD that's so funny! and bizarre in a way!

Omid said...

hi Tilde!
I miss you very much! you don't come online anymore with your old msn ID (himi...@hotmail.com)?

anyway, guess what?!
you forgot to write about Iran again!:D

goodluck my pal~

Jammer said...

The Canadian stuff is pretty true! Besides the speaking French thing. Most Canadians don't speak any French at all, and a lot of them don't even like French people! Hah!
We do have very 'clean' English here. A lot of Asian countries like English teachers from Canada because we speak so clearly!

xciaox said...

I agree with Jammer except I don't have any family or friends who even watch hockey...and we don't know french, that's only one province out of ten. I also don't know where you got that it's cold? Canada is a very big country with large variations in temperature where in summer like today it is 38 degrees in Kelowna, BC and 20 degress in Chetwynd, BC 12 hours north. I'm not really sure what part of Canada you got these stereotypes from...

Tirin said...

LOL please read the whole thing, these are not MY stereotypes!!

and it's like everyone thinks sweden is cold too, but it gets over 36C here! just because they're stereotypes doesn't mean they're true x_x