Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I hate about Sweden

First off... one more picture from yesterday, just because I love how I look in red! *egoness*
I fixed my webcam (but I have no idea how I did it, haha). Now the pictures look much better, right?
Okay so anyway... I was reading the news today about a pedophile in Skåne (southern Sweden) who molested lots of kids and among them two 11 year olds from my city. He got... 3 years in prison. Are they serious?! 3 years? A pedophile gets 3 years? THEY SHOULD BE LOCKED IN AND NEVER LET OUT AGAIN IN SOCIETY! His defense was "I didn't know they were underage"... HAHAHA! 11 year olds that look over 18?! Why don't they just shoot people like that. 3 years, that's nothing! I hate how lame our laws are. People get like 10 years for murder... If they get sentenced for life that's only 25 years. How stupid is that? If there was a serial killer, I'm sure he wouldn't get more than 15 years! (I hope I'm not giving some psychopath any ideas...) If there's something I hate about my country, it's the stupid laws. They suck.

There are two things in this world that get me really angry (well besides generally annoying and stupid people); 1. Pedophiles 2. Women discrimination
     I'm a feminist, which people might find weird considering the way I dress and the fact that I care a lot about my looks. - Why wouldn't I? I mean I dress up for myself, because I feel better about myself when I think I look good. Why does everything have to do with men?? Luckily I live in Sweden, possibly the most gender equal country in the world, but the fact that 98% or something of all bosses of companies are men.. well that just means something's wrong. And I'm sorry but I just can't accept cultures where women are worth less than men. So those countries are not on my list of countries to visit before I die (unless I'd go there to save the women, lol). That's also a reason I don't like religions; they're all made up by men. But of course I respect that people are religious, just not the discriminating part of their religion. Also no, being feminist doesn't mean I hate men.


Crysta said...

I consider myself a feminist too so I get what you mean about people not understanding why I dress the way I do lol
The thing about the pedo is sick. This is why I don't read newspapers and I don't vote. The world is effed up :(

Tirin said...

Are you fucking kidding me??? Men have been the ones to work longer because WOMEN WEREN'T ALLOWED!!!! not because they didn't want to!!! And why would men work harder?? Is that some kind of joke?? There are lots of successful women these days!! and what you said about divorce... OF COURSE THE MOTHER GETS TO KEEP THE CHILD, SHE WAS PREGNANT WITH IT FOR 9 FUCKING MOTHS BEFORE GIVING BIRTH (WHICH I ASSUME HURTS LIKE HELL)!!! plus her body is ruined after having streched the skin so much and gained weight, etc.!! and what did men have to do to get the child? yeah have sex!! they shouldn't complain, lol. Come back when men are the ones to give birth.

and there is no God, the bible was written by men. do you really think it would say men should "take the lead" if the book was written by women?? exactly - NO. makes me want to create my own religion to let the men (like you who discriminate women without thinking about it) suffer like women have through time. plus i didn't only refer to christianity.

dinu said...

when your new religion is up and running contact me i ll be the first apostole

Shinai said...

Tilde, parenting has nothing to do with who had the misfortunes of having to deal with the baby before and after it was born. You can't rationalize divorce settlements based off who had to deal with the burden of pregnancy. Parenting is based off WHO the better parent is but with the skewed and bias opinion and assumptions of the society of women being naturally better at raising children (which is a stereotype), men are often stripped from their children. No one said there isn't any successful women in today's society. The idea of men working or going off to war to pay their dues for their country while the women stayed at home has been around since ancient times. The most logical theory being, back when we didn't have our supermarkets and heavily relied on our natural environment for food, men were the ones who went off to hunt because they were seen as physically stronger than women. That isn't to say in today's world, there aren't strong women and that doesn't rationalize female discrimination but science has proven that men are naturally bigger, and stronger than females, which ties back with the idea that men were the working class (labor - farming, hunting and gathering, etc.) and females took care of the house hold.

On the topic of religion, I'm not a religious person but to say that you don't like religion because they were made up by men raises some questions. Which religions are you talking about? Not all religions have discriminatory views. Are you saying that with the emphasis of Islam? And just to tell you another stereotype, a lot of women in Egypt (a country where females could choose to wear hijabs and vails) choose to wear hijabs so that they won't get sexually harassed in public for showing too much skin. Not because they are force to by sharia law. Just something to think about.

If the whole female population is willing to answer their country's calls and perform the duties of men, then I would be more than happy to support them. I also don't support and am against any form of female discrimination.

p.s., i'll talk to you soon. i love yah Tilde ;) <3

Tirin said...

well first of all, yes, men are pysically stronger, but that doesn't mean they sould earn more money and have more rights.

and i'm not saying the mother should take the kids if she's a bad parent! but if they're pretty much equally good, the mother should have the most time with the kids because of everything she's been through. imagine having someone growing inside you for almost a year and then the pain of giving birth, just to have someone taking your child away from you!! they have a strong bond even before the kids are born!! besides, in sweden both parents have equally much time with their kids (most of the time) after divorce.

also yeah islam is one of the religions, but not the only one that discriminates women. and just the fact that men WOULD sexually harass them because they show some skin (or their hair) is SICK! it's fucked up!! why would someone WANT to cover up?? and to do so to protect themselves from being sexually harassed just shows the men's lack of respect for women. i hate it. makes me damn angry just thinking about it.

my new religion will be... men should cover up or else they'll be beaten up by a group of angry women. ;P

Anonymous said...

Randomly stumbled upon this blog and just wanted to say I adore what you write about regarding fashion and being a feminist!
I just had to write because I see a lot of people concern-trolling about covering up women because otherwise they get treated like a slut. Female discrimination/oppression is not an issue of women's decisions & actions, this is due to men's decisions to disrespect women! I'd like to remind them that most areas with the highest incidence of sexual assault and female oppression often have laws (cultural or legislative) requiring burqas or other forms of complete body covering.
To the person that mentioned Egypt above, 60% of women there reported being harassed on a daily basis! Yet all women there wear at least a hijab if not a burqa! Again, it's not a woman's decision to not be abused by men, that decision falls on men and men alone.
And to answer those that say women don't contribute to society as much as men, studies have shown that "“Women do two-thirds of the world’s work, receive 10 percent of the world’s income and own 1 percent of the means of production.” Not to mention the labor that women put into their families, work that is unpaid and often discounted as actual labor.

-From a Biosciences student in California.