Friday, March 18, 2011

What happens in Luxembourg...

Goodmorning people! :) Today I should probably fix the tear in one of my favorite dresses (this one):
Picture from Germany last summer

It's a funny story behind the rip; we were driving from Germany to Luxembourg, and when I stepped out of the car, my brother was like "is that a hole in your dress?". I thought he was joking, but then I saw it! I asked if you could see anything and apparantly you could, if you stood behind me to the side. Haha wtf, I had been feeling so pretty that day (pink dresses do wonders for a girl ♥) and then it turned out I had almost walked around showing my ass!! xD I used band-aids to fix it, which worked pretty well! but from now on I'm always going to carry some safety pins with me, just in case. I don't know how I ripped the dress, but it needs to be fixed, which it should have been months ago!!

Also, I know this isn't new, I read about it guy quite long ago, but this morning I had MTV on while having breakfast and they played that Lady Gaga song, Born this way (actually no, I don't like her), and I was reminded again! This guy; Rick Genest, with all his zombie tattoos xD
Picture found on google...
I mean I love zombies, but I would never even get the idea to tattoo myself into one, haha (nonetheless tattoo someone else into one if I were a tattoo artist). Although I'm sure he's glad he did because of all the fame he's gotten. It makes me feel like a bit of a freak, but I actually think he looks pretty hot in that music video, hahaha, hope I'm not the only one xD


Leander said...

I don't think he's glad about the fame.
He models and honestly, what should he do else? Normal Job with those (awesome and very excellent) tattoos?
He wanted to look like a zombie, but not because of the fame.

Oh and I can't see the picture of your dress! ;_;

Hope you're doin' fine,

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll still bring yourself to fix that rent before summer ;)


Tirin said...

Leander: ah yeah of course, i know he did it for himself.. but the fame must've been a great bonus xD ah you can't? strange :O

Leander said...

now it's okay, I can see the pic.

fame doesn't always have to be great^^° that's what we all have to keep in mind^^

タマ☆JEWEL☆ said...

nono i agree!! he looks AMAZING. he is soooo beautiful its insane! and dont feel weird for liking zombies!!! zombies are beast! lol i actually just bought some iron fist zombie heels!!! ^0^ you'd look HOT in them mama!! ;D

but i love ricks tattoo so much. its insanely detailed and beautiful!