Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Video on its way...!

Sweden shirt today because I was making a video! I will make a series of videos about Sweden, Swedish, stereotypes, weird stories from my life, etc... and I'm making them together with Anthony who makes cartoons and stuff (which will also be in the videos)! I'll let you know when the first one is finished, hopefully soon! :)
So yesterday evening I tried the olive oil treatment on my hair and actually it worked very well! My hair both looks and feels much healthier than before ^^ Especially before I straightened it, but I had weird curls today so I had to get rid of them! Anyway, I should try some more treatments like the olive oil one.

I suppose that's all I had to say today. I need ice cream now ~♥

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Hannibal Lecteur said...

You are gorgeous. Ok, you already know it. Sorry. But this post had no comment ! What else could I say ? ^^