Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Treatments for damaged hair?

Ever since I stopped using my expensive hair conditioner, my hair is dry and evil :( It's amazing how well it worked on my hair! I need to buy a new one as soon as possible! You can see how it looks without it... ._. Maybe I should try all those home treatments, haha
I'm reading about treatments now, might try some, like cooking oil? Olive oil should work, right?? Although that might be gross, haha... Do you girls have any special home treatments for damaged hair?

Oh and btw.... MADS OWES ME A TRIP TO LONDON!!! I "won" it just from being pure awesomeness. Oh yes. I can smell the jealousy.


Lika said...

Lol, your hair is still amazing to me. :)

Valentin12 said...

I'm never playing "guess the number" games with you again! ;D

Amelie said...

IF YOU CAME TO LONDON I'd want to meet you!!

BeXie said...

Aw hey you can use an avacado and egg hair mask - here's a link to one!


VALENTINE † said...

I've used olive oil a couple times , the smell is always around so I feel like I'm cooking XD but it does seem to work on frizz & softness , & I've heard other blondes highly recommend it . What conditioner were you using before :O ?

Anonymous said...

Cut your hair and then take care of it.. När det väl är skadat kan man inte göra mycket mer. Det är slitet och skadat, så det är bara att klippa

Tirin said...

Lika: Thank you :D

Valentin12: Pffft, Mads, we should play it everyday! :D:D

Amelie: Yes, that'd be fun ^^ We'll see though when Mads is gonna take me there! haha

BeXie: Thanks! That sounds gross though, haha :)

VALENTINE: Yeah I tried it and it actually worked very well! It's nor frizzy anymore ^^ although it often gets frizzy after I tease the hair, but yeah.. I used John Frieda Sheer blonde. It's not one of those super expensive ones, but it's expensive here, which sucks xD

Anonymous: ALDRIG I LIVET!