Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 5 most unattractive guys

Here it is, my list of the most unattractive kinds of guys. Of course nothing is based on looks, this is all about personality/attitude. These are my opinions of course, but I think, or well I know a lot of other girls agree! Okay so let's start with number five...

5. Sports nerd.
The guys who cares more about sports (especially on TV) than about girls, his girl, and who only talks about sports all the time. Yes, I've talked to them, or at least tried. They end up talking about sports which I don't care about, and they know that, but don't care because they're egoistic and egocentric. Some of them don't even play any sport - just watch it on TV!! What's wrong with these guys? Well, I have no idea.
4. The stupid guy
Guys who are dumb are not attractive. And yes, this means I think guys who aren't really good looking but who are super smart are attractive! Ignorance is not appreciated, and neither is stupidity. I don't want to be with a guy I can't have discussions with or who doesn't understand what I'm talking about when I'm overly excited about a documentary I've watched, etc. Just no. I know I'm smart, but I don't want to feel like a genious compared to the guy I'm dating, lol.
3. Gamer
We aaaaall know someone who's obsessed with video games or computer games, and no it's not attractive - at all. I'm talking about the most extreme nerds here, the ones who live to play their games and have no social life whatsoever. Oh so you're a champion at shooting people in your game? Well that's just awesome... How about taking a shower?
2. The negative bitch
This is a guy who hates himself, and everyone else. He complains about everything all the time and is not afraid to hurt people's feelings by telling them mean things. He's a bit socially retarded since he doesn't know the difference between being honest and being a bitch. He must have some problems in his own personal life, but he takes it out on everyone else, and the world in general. If you want people to like you, be happy! It's never a good pick up line to talk about how depressed you are and how much you hate the world. Negativity is not sexy!
1. Mr. Arrogant
This is the worst kind of guy I know. He thinks he's "God's gift to women", but the truth is he's just a pure diva. A guy that thinks he looks good is okay, I mean everyone should think they're pretty! but when he thinks he's the hottest thing that ever walked this earth... I feel like handing him a mirror. It's fine to joke about it, but when he truly believes everyone wants him and he's so much better than all other people, something's seriously wrong with him. He must be delusional. I've talked to a few guys like this, but one was the worst of all. He was a model and said he only dated other models, always wanted to show off, send pictures to show how "hot" he was, when actually he wasn't hot at all. I don't know how he could be a model, he was nothing special, and his attutude just made him ugly.
     I'm not saying you have to be 100% humble (I'm not, talking about my awesomeness, haha), because it's normal not to be sometimes, but I don't have to be a psychologist to know guys like him are not normal - they're suffering from hybris.

I'm sure all you guys out there who don't have much self-esteem and are unsure of yourself (or just simply curious) might wonder "so how am I supposed to act in order for girls to like me?". Well obviously you can't change your personality, but an attitude makeover is always possible. If you're not born smart or naturally kind and sweet - do not fear, there are other things you can do! Girls like mysterious guys, and guys who aren't demanding attention all the time. Don't become too distant though, girls love getting attention - just the right amount.
     Also, being polite is a good way to start. A well behaved guy, always with a smile on his face is guaranteed to catch someone's attention (if he dresses nice and takes care of his personal hygiene of course). I'll put my TILDE GUARANTEE on that. There. Now you know it'll work. Good luck :)


Anonymous said...

Good work Tilde, I'm a dating coach in US, and usually I tell guys not to listen to women, because they have absolutely no idea what they want, or what they find attractive. But you seem to be the exception to the rule (There's always someone who's the exception) You ought to teach this stuff to men...

나니 said...

Thanks so much for your comment <3 You're a sweetheart! : D

Sane said...

Awesome post, Tilde!

Like so many women, I've had the pleasure with the whole lot of them, from No. 5 to No. 1.

If just one guy in the world reads this stuff and changes his attitude afterwards, you've made the world a whole lot better ;)

A said...

Oww, the Gamer is actually worse than the Sports Nerd? Now that's devastating orz

D†G said...

You should do a top five list of attractive guys, the things mentioned on the list sounds like every guy lol.
Or well, there's also rich guys. But I guess they'll be on a top five attractive list, Hoping to see one!

Take care.

Rui said...

great post thats very interesting! <3
lol I think I am sometimes a mix of 1 and 3... maybe 4 too lol