Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spain or France?

How come when the snow was finally gone (well almost all of it) we get new snow?? March sucks! I know a lot of people who were born in March though... Oh well, at least it's sunny :) I don't have anything to write about these days! I need to think of something interesting, hmm... What's the most interesting to read about?

And here's me today:
I wish life was as eventful as in movies and books. I really need to move, my town is too boring! xD It's like all of Sweden is dead in winter. My hair looks really awesome today, too bad no one wants to go out and do something! I'm soooo damn bored! I can't wait until my 3rd year of studying International marketing (if I get in)! I'll spend it in either Spain (Barcelona) or France (Nice). I think I'll choose France, which will be awesome! I just want to move away from here. I'd prefer an English speaking country, but this way I'll learn French! Yeah I already studied it for 2 years, and learned as much has the people who study French for 3 years, which is as much as you have to know to be able to study there. I'm so excited, already... so I'll die a bit if I don't get in. Oh well, gotta stay positive :)


MK* said...

Lookn' good!

Anonymous said...

Vive la France !

Katrine said...

Your style is great :)