Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red lipstick and fixed eyebrows, etc.

I decided on red lipstick with a strawberry lipgloss today. Therefore I'm not wearing much eye makeup, since you can't have a lot of color on both your lips and your eyes (unless you want to look like a clown). I'm also wearing 14,5mm contacts that are supposed so be gray, but on me they look more like a brown-ish green, almost hazel. I'll show you better pictures of them when I get a new camera, since my webcam sucks :'D Jag känner mig så handikappad utan kamera, det suger!
Pfffttt ironed shirts are overrated...
Some people say guys hate red lipstick on girls, but whatever x) I think red lipstick can look great, not but on everyone. I think I look much better with pink or nude lipstick than in red, hmm...

Thanks for the response to my "Top 5 most unattractive guys"-post! I'll make one of the most attractive kinds of attitudes as well, since someone mentioned that ^^

Wtf AdSense blocked my account because they thought I was cheating the clicks and stuff, but I wasn't!! Now I won't get any money at all even though I had ads on my blog for a whole month! WTF ME GIVING THOSE STUPID COMPANIES FREE ADVERTISING? - Not OK!!! I'm never trusting stuff like that again. Like if other people were clicking "too much" that's not something I can control! Stupid AdSense are just making up reasons to block accounts so that they won't have to give away money. x_x Cheap bastards!! They took my money!! And I really needed that money...

So everyone who's reading Xiaxue's blog knows about the drama with some Internet guy insulting her, and the fake person, blablabla... and I just had to do this:
No offense, but her eyebrows were killing me! xD And I'm not the best at fixing eyebrows, but yeah, much better! I'm so happy my eyebrows naturally have a "perfect" (well at least to me perfect) shape! and they're naturally pretty dark as well :) Ummm ok how interesting...

That's all for now! The -attractive guys-post might be written tomorrow.


☆タマ☆ said...

lol u look SO gorgeous bb!!!

Tirin said...

thank you<3

Anonymous said...

åh vad söt du var här tuttimåren!