Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Randomness about me

I was bored so I just answered some questions about myself. If you're as bored as I am, go ahead and read them to get to know me better! or something...

Name?: Tilde, actually my name was Tilda for two months or so when I was a baby... xD
Height?: 169cm (5'6,5")
Color of your...
hair?: Light blonde
eyes?: Blue/green
room?: Light yellow with lots of pink and white
house?: Red

color?: Pink, duuh :P
place?: My house, the harbor, abroad.. haha
season?: Spring and summer
dog breed?: Pomeranian!
Color you dislike?: Orange... and red, but I like it on clothes (not on guys though). I don't know why this is under "favorite".

Have you ever ...
written a poem?: Yes, many
written a song?: Yeah when I was younger
been in the opposite sex's public toilet?: Hmm... I think so, lol
gotten a tattoo?: No
passed out?: Once, it was scary (I hadn't eaten the whole day and it was damn hot in the room)!
broken a bone?: No
undergone surgery?: No

Do you have any piercings?: 4, 3 in my right ear and 1 in my left
Would you ever parachute out of a plane?: Not unless I had to!
If you could be any age, what age would you be?: Don't want to change my age, I don't want to miss out on things in life!
Weirdest thing you've eaten?: Cat food and fish food (on a dare)
Do you talk in your sleep?: No
Would you date someone your best friend didn't like?: Of course, as long as I'd like him

Do you...
do drugs?: I would never
think you're attractive?: Umm.. yes, most of the time, haha
smoke?: No
swear?: Pretty much everyday
need glasses?: No
google a lot?: Yes! Google is my friend ♥
believe in aliens?: Pfftt no
believe in God?: No

Do you want to...
get married?: Of course, when I meet the right guy :)
have kids?: Someday...
move abroad?: Yes, but I probably want to raise my future kids in Sweden
kill someone?: No, I don't wanna go to jail! lol
fight someone?: Hmm... not really
dance?: Haha, can't say I do..
change something in your past?: Nah...

First thing...
people notice about you?: My awesome hair!
you notice about people?: Eyes and smile, probably
you think when you wake up?: "I'M HUNGRY!" mostly
you would do if you became super rich?: Pack my bags and go on a trip
you would save in a fire?: Lilly!! Although she's not a thing..

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