Thursday, March 10, 2011

Princess dress ~♥

I think pretty much every girl has once owned a pink princess dress (well except my sister, she got a witch dress! haha). So I found mine and it was actually really cute, but of course too small for me now, so I decidede to make something new from it.

I'm going to add straps to it (not so pretty when you see the bra strap) and probably change the upper part of it a bit. I've always wanted a new princess dress, and now I have one! :D I did my nails too, they look awesome! I'll show you pics some other time though. Maybe tomorrow, when I can show you the dress once I'm finished with it :) Can't wait until summer so I can wear it!


princess costume said...

It really looks pretty. I think it is not fare to compare this princess costume with witch costume. I think anyone will choose a princess costume. You have really made a gorgeous princess costume. I am also going to make one for coming Halloweens. Thank you.

ashka said...

OH my god I cant believe how you transform dresses how did you learn how to do it?! Can you tell us or show us how you are able to do do something like that I would love to change around my clothes like that!