Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photos of my city: Västerås

Here are the photos of my city that I took yesterday! :) First photo is of Kyrkbacken (one of my favorite parts of Västerås). Old houses, right next to my old high school. I love all the different colors of the houses, it looks so beautiful and cute in summer ^^
Me at the harbor and... a tree house which is actually a hotel!
Close to the city hall, by the river :)
Randomness and our cathedral
 River and the tall building in the background is the city hall
 River again with typical Swedish red houses :)
So there you have it, my city! 133 000 people or something, very Swedish and somewhat boring! Oh well at least it's nice :)

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Hannibal Lecteur said...

Boring ? Maybe. But so beautiful :) Big up for the pic with you and the clouds and the sun reflecting on the snow.